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Liby phosphorus-free detergent

Most home detergents contain high levels of phosphorus. Phosphorous helps in reducing the hardness of the water in order to allow detergent to wash clothes better but it can infect water passages, water reservoirs or lakes and rivers through groundwater. Phosphorus generates algae and seaweed in these waters as well as the rapid growth of aquatic plants as well as the death of invertebrates living in water, resulting in their contamination.

A test will amaze you with its efficiency, freshness and aroma.

Liby Properties:

  • Phosphorus-free detergent
  • Double stain separation element
  • Color Enhancement Technique
  • Removal of persistent stains
  • Maintain the distinctive character of the fabrics
  • Keep fabric brightness
  • Avoid yellowing
  • Composition of softness
  • Suitable for hand washing
  • Unique perfume to be preserved