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Professional Dust Control Mats under Rent: Flexibility & Variety:

The use of Dust Control mats - on a professional basis - has become a basic requirement for every company, in order to keep unwanted dirt off indoor spaces. Dust Control tips help to present a company's facilities in the most effective and healthy way.

Areas of use are countless:

  • In front of self-service machines (vending machines) for moisture absorption
  • In showrooms - to act as a barrier against dust and dirt
  • In front of offices or slots - the "red carpet" is the "business card" of a company
  • At the post office, at a bank's bank - as a visitor's guide as a "line of discretion"
  • In kitchens, cafes in order to reduce accidents and improve hygiene

By taking advantage of the huge potential of Dust Control Mats, costs can be reduced in three ways:

Flooring will be protected, maintenance costs will be reduced automatically: by using the rent mat method on floors exposed to heavy use, the risk of friction and wear on floors will greatly be reduced and it will increase the amount of savings in the company's budget.

According to a study conducted by the E.T.S.A. (European Textile Services Association) across Europe, a company can save up to 14% of the cost and 44% of the cleaning time with the use of Dust Control mats to their main entrance.

Employees can now focus on their work: they will not get nervous for stains caused by spilled tea / coffee or changing the ink in the printer / copier machine. Fewer stains on the floor that can only be removed with expensive cleaning procedures.

Dust Control mats are really flexible. In addition, there is a wide variety and can also be adapted to meet the particular requirements of an area. A Dust Control printed mat of the company's colors and logo acts as a "business card" for visitors giving a good corporate image. Other benefits include accident prevention - giving customers, visitors and workers the feeling of superior safety and hygiene.

Mats with rent: The clean way to reduce costs

European Study:

The Organization E.T.S.A. (European Textile Services Association) conducted a study to measure the impact of using Dust Control mats in offices, schools, airports, apartments and shopping centers. The survey was conducted in countries in Northern and Southern Europe.


Rental mats save both time and money:

  • 44% time savings
  • 14% money saving

Advantages of Using Dust Control mats:

  • reduces the build-up of impurities in the surrounding areas
  • reduces the cleaning frequency
  • reduces the need for wet cleaning

Additional benefits of mats under rent:

  • continuous cleanliness 24 hours a day
  • less impurity results in less floor wear and reduced maintenance costs
  • less floor wear results in maintaining the floor's quality and aesthetics
  • increasing the safety with a clean and dry floor
  • environmental benefits through the management of resources
  • improving air quality through the reduction of suspended particles

Dust control mats do not need be placed only on the entrances or exits of a space! Each space may have polar surroundings within the building that could be fitted with a Dust control mat! The advantages of placing dust control mats in different indoor places vary from accident prevention to hygienic cleanliness, but they can also form and reinforce the image of a company.

Basic characteristics of a good entrance mat:

  • It holds dust and moisture at a lower level of the soles of shoes.
  • It has anti-slip properties.
  • Made of reinforced surface in order to avoid rapid wear.

"A clean carpet is a good carpet"

Do you know what kind of dust is contained in your home, workplaces and public areas?

There may be pieces of insects, dust, soil lumps, hair, animal remains, human skin cells, cigarette ash.

Recent studies have shown that dead cockroaches and their residuals in homes can cause asthma. About 30 to 40 percent of the infections inside your home are transported out of the outside environment.

They can enter through your footwear, your clothes or your paws and hair of your pets.

Children are at greater risk of exposure to dust contamination since they sit and swing on the floor and put their hands in their mouths.

Many studies confirm that the greatest number of environmental exposure and risk, especially for young children, arises within homes.

Children are not the only ones at risk of infection but also anyone suffering from asthma or other respiratory problems or a weak immune system.

With the first four steps within your home you carry about 85 percent of the outside environment infections within your home.

By taking some simple steps you can upgrade your home health and reduce the cleaning time of your home.

Place entrance mats on each external entrance and even the entrance between garage and house if any.

EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) recommends adopting an entry system that will trap soil, contamination and moisture at the entrance.

Place a hard mat outside the entrance for scratching your shoes before entering the house.

Inside the house place a highly absorbent mat that will trap the dust and moisture at a lower level of the shoe.

If there is space, it is good to place another mat to retain any dust and moisture remaining at the bottom of your shoes.

Effective Dust Control mat Benefits...

It traps 90% of the incoming dust.

Reduce the cost of maintaining and cleaning your space.

Extends the floor life of your floor.

Increases health security standards.

Improves your corporate image.

Real Daily Events

0-80% of the dust inside your space is transported from outside. This can be significantly reduced by using our company's carpets due to their frequent replacement.


1000 people entering a building can carry more than two pounds of dust and dirt within just one week.

40% of your budget will be spent on floor maintenance.

Moisture remaining inside the building, which is transported through the footwear of the visitors, is the main reason for slipping and accidents.

70 to 90% of floor wear and damage is due to the transfer of dust and moisture into your space through footwear.

Dust that is transported within your premises is the No. 1 reason for maintenance problems of lifts.

A dirty floor is the worst image and the worst subconscious message of a company to its guests.

Difficult areas

The choice of mat depends largely on the size of the building, the number of people entering and the environment in which it will be placed. For example, is the outdoor environment prone to rain, snow or soil? This can be a problem in Northern Europe, while in southern Europe you may have a bigger problem with sand and gravel.

Then you should consider: how many people will enter the entrance on a daily basis? This has a tremendous effect on carpet selection. Safety and aesthetics also play an important role.

For a company, a good first impression is vital and the building manager will probably choose an expensive high strength mat that will remain in good condition even in the most adverse weather conditions.

                      "The quality of your life becomes our own affair."

Traffic Levels

When selecting a mat, it is important to consider the volume of traffic. It should also examine whether the material used on the mat should be absorbent or non-absorbent.

Only about 50 percent of the buildings today have a mat-well designed by the architect - and this is usually very small. Additional space for mat should be provided as a second obstacle.

Airports and shopping centers meet the toughest conditions for a carpet. When people go home they automatically wipe their feet on the entrance carpet, but they do not do that when they walk to a mall.

On the contrary, in the aforementioned spaces they expect the magic mat to clean and dry their shoes. Thus, in a shopping center or airport where there is frequent movement of wheel objects (saddlebags, suitcases, carts), as well as increased circulation, the mat should be designed to withstand frequent use and to have high resistance to heavyweight moving objects. The design should allow the mat to successfully trap the dirt - but not high heels.

Mat to step on it

There are many different reasons why the manager of a commercial, industrial or hospitality industry will choose a placement of a mat. A company, for example, may require a carpet to enhance its image while a supermarket may want to mainly prevent slides and flaws. Other facilities simply need a resilience solution for high traffic and to avoid the mud and dirt that visitors might carry inside the building.

This means that the hospital manager would possibly choose a different type of mat, for example, from a supermarket manager. But what criteria do they decide on which carpet is suitable for a facility?

K.E. Dust Control offers a range of options from a simple entrance mat to professional mat, for busy venues such as commercial buildings and airports.

In each case of space that the mat will be installed the place and location should be considered before the placement in order to see if there is a recess or smooth surface. If the entrance has an unusual shape or a rotating door system, and how much wear the mat it is likely to take. In some cases, it should also look at the kind of footwear that may be worn by users. Other factors to be considered include how often the mat should be cleaned, the cleaning method required, its suitability for access by wheel objects (e.g., wheelchairs, suitcases) and the cost of the product. It is also important to weigh the main properties that will be needed to fulfill the mats mission as they will vary according to the type of building. A mat for a hospital, for example, should be suitable for access by a wheelchair and trolley. It should also be able to absorb moisture and dust from footwear.

Since hospitals are usually an environment of increased traffic, a durable mat with durable ironing properties is essential. Careful cleaning is imperative in this type of environment which means that an entry system with a solid surface is preferable.

Good resistance to wear is also required in a supermarket, as the store will attract increased traffic. The mat here should be able to withstand the weight and constant pressure from the strollers while allowing easy access. If the mat is not installed in a recess then oblique edging is required for easy access and to prevent rollover risks.  Entry mats in an office must be practical and functional. They should also create a good impression of the company's image for visitors. Mats with the company logo are a popular choice for companies interested in promoting their brand or corporate message. There are several new technologies for trapping pollutants. Outdoor PVC carpets are placed on the outside of the entrance, recessed or free in front of the entrance. It keeps dirt and sludge at the base, giving you a clean look at your entrance. The type of building usually determines the type of mat in relation to the purpose of using the building. Up to 80 percent of the dust in the facility is transferred from the visitors' shoes and the mat should ensure that the majority of the dirt has stopped at the entrance.

Calculation of Impurity

Did you know that on average, a person transfers within your premises about .58 grams of impurities a day?

The average cost of removing 1 kilo of dirt is about € 1,030!


Have you ever thought how many people are entering your company's Main Entry daily?

Let's say about 50 (fifty) people come in:

Result;                         29 grams per day

                                     10.56 kg per year

                                     €10,922 per year


Let's look at the hotel units of the Banks with a larger number:

Let's say there are about 300 (three hundred) of people coming in:

Result;                      174 grams per day

                                  63.51 kg per year

                                  €65,558 per year

DustControl Mat installation:

Two entrance mats: €12.20 per month

                                     €146.40 a year

Finally, is it worth installing DustControl Mat on your premises?

The decision is yours...

Entrance Mats

Our company with its long-lasting experience in the field of cleaning and rental of high quality cleaning and hygiene products of our associates offers effective solutions with specially designed carpets that trap the impurity and water at the entrance and at the same time maintain a clean and impressive entrance by holding your corporate first image unique.

80% of the impurity and water found inside your interiors is transported through the footwear (soles) of the visitors' shoes.

K.E.DustControl offers entrance mats that produce noticeable and profitable results in removing and trapping the dirt before it can enter your interiors. Our mats also greatly reduce the number of accidents, protects floors from damage and greatly reduces maintenance and cleaning costs.

Our mats are durable and available in various colors and sizes depending on your corporate image. With our rentals service, we always keep your company unique and special, and your spaces cleaner and healthier.

Dust Control Mops Use

Dust Control Mops can be used on all smooth surfaces and floors and are impregnated with special liquid for maintenance and protection of wooden floors in particular.

Never use furniture polish

Never use furniture polisher and wax-based products on wood. They may cause stains, blur or leave residue that will make it difficult to maintain. The special glaze for floors is sufficient.

Wooden floors are sensitive

Wooden floors are sensitive, especially with water, because, if they get wet, they swell and get destroyed. To clean, use slightly damp cloths. Avoid wet mops and adopt special cleaning systems that are available in the market.

The right organization on how to clean our house

Proper organization on how to clean the house saves us from stress and unnecessary fatigue. One day of the week is the day of ... chore, when we do a very good cleaning at a category.

Of course, you can even change the days, depending on your needs. We give you a first diary to make yours!



We let the ait in the bedroom and make the bed

We use the Dust Control Mop to remove the dust and fluff off the floor

We mop up the excess water from the bathroom

Put disinfectant spray in the toilet bowl.



We take the garbage out

We mop the kitchen with the Dust Control Mop

We gather all the mess from the living room and put all the things that do not belong in the room in a basket so that we can carry them and put them in the room that they belong without making any excessive moves.

We use a KE Dust Control cloth to pick up the dust from the furniture.

The cleaning solution from hair, fluff and dirt from our beautiful pets

Our beautiful pets, our best and trusted friends ... so beautiful, so cute but to be honest, we are annoyed by the hairs, fluff and dirt that they carry indoors!!!

Do not worry at all, the solution is ... K.E Dust Control.


With a single use the mop literally magnetizes dust, hair and fluff!

Dust Control Mops are impregnated with the Dust Control liquid that our company only use and that’s what makes the Mops unique in the Cyprus market!!!

They can be used under any surface, while offering an even polish on the floor.

What will I do after party or a celebration at my house?

If you have a party or a celebration at your home, when the guests leave and the room is empty, you will see their "signs" everywhere.


What will I do for? :

  • Stains from the glasses on the wooden or any table
    "Let's use a coaster for my glass," has anyone use ever at any party; Result; fingerprint’s and concentric circles from the spilled beverage formed on the table. To get rid of it, clean the points with a Dust Control Microfiber Dust Cloth that acts like a dynamic magnet to collect dust, dirt and stains without the use of chemicals for a quicker and healthier cleaning.
  • Scratches on the wooden or any floor done by high heels
    Whether you danced all night long or your guests just have been clutching their heels, the result is the same. Fortunately, most wooden floors can come back by rubbing them with the Microfiber Dust Cloth to remove even the most stubborn scratches and then use the Dust Control Mop: Renewed and impregnated with the special "DUST CONTROL" liquid that literally magnetizes dust, fluff and hair, offers an even and fast polishing on your floor.
  • Wine stains on the carpet
    The image of a beige carpet with a huge red stain of wine is enough to cause you hysteria. We understand you. The most effective move to get it off? Pour a bit of beer (you will surely find half-empty cans) and rub it lightly with the Dust Control Microfiber Cloth then rinse with the Liby powder.