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K.E. Dust Control Mops

One careful look at the mop and you will understand its duration in time!

It achieves wiping 3 times faster & more efficiently than any other way, while

avoiding frequent mopping and using hard detergents!

It literally magnetizes dust, hair and fluff. The dust control liquid that the mop is impregnated makes it unique in the Cyprus market!

Save time and money with our magic mops!

A professional result that requires minimal effort, time and it is really easy to use.

Suitable to use at Home & Businesses on all smooth floors!!!

The various sizes allow you to use the mop all around the house, and from small shops to large showrooms.

  • Suitable for all smooth surfaces
  • Protects and maintains the floor
  • Accelerates wiping 3 times faster and more efficiently than any other way
  • Disposal: Rent & Purchase
  • Sizes: 35cm / 50cm / 75cm / 100cm



Adjust the mop on the aluminium handle and swipe in circular movements without lifting the mop from the floor. In this way the mop magnetizes and traps the dust while it draws with it everything else that is on the floor too.

After sweeping the floor, please shake the mop well outside and store it in a plastic bag until the next use.

We recommend that you close it in a bag so that the liquid which the mop is impregnated does not evaporate soon & also to protect your floor from any stains.



Κ.Ε.Dust Control Mop consists of 2 parts:

  1. The mop
  2. The handle stick

The rental service includes:

  • Supply of both mop & handle stick
  • Monthly replacement of mop
  • Washing/drying /disinfecting/impregnation
  • Free delivery all over Cyprus
  • Free replacement of handle in case it brakes.

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