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Dust Control Mats

They are specially formulated to absorb all the moisture, fats and dust from the soles of the shoe, giving a clean, beautiful and fashionable look at your entrance.

They are very thin and their base is made of rubber so they do not slip on the floor

You can also use them:

  • In your kitchen to avoid impurities during cooking time and water and dirt from the sink
  • At any entrance in order to prevent water and dirt from getting inside the house
  • Suitable for all entrances (homes, offices, etc.)
  • Hooks on the floor
  • Each square meter holds 1 pound of dust and 2 liters of water

    Disposal: Every 15 days or Monthly

    Colors: Gray, Brown, Red, Blue

    Sizes: 60x85cm, 85x120cm, 85x150cm, 120X180cm, 120X200cm, 100X150cm.

Customized to the dimensions desired by the customer and available with purchase only.

Also available with your company logo or any message.

Suitable for your business as it strengthens the sense of professionalism by giving a simple greeting while you have the ability to choose the logo that suits your space. In this way the right image of your company is promoted to everyone in your area.